PARADOX concepts b.v.

PARADOX concepts b.v. is een Marketingconsultant gelegen aan Bergerstraat 2 in Maastricht.

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PARADOX Concepts is a consultancy and product development company that focuses on improving the shopping experience and decorating process through color. They bring together industry knowledge, tech expertise, and a culture of innovation to help clients unlock value and drive growth. They offer consultancy services to gain insight into market dynamics and assist in making color choices easy and inspiring. They also provide technology solutions to reinvent businesses and implement innovation. With the increasing digitalization of the marketplace and customer journey, PARADOX Concepts offers digital marketing solutions to reach consumers effectively. They continuously scan the market for innovations and offer app design, wireframing, and other solutions to enhance the color journey. They have worked with various brands and strive to be the best expertise partner in the color industry. Their ultimate goal is to make color easy to experience.

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